I did not know what the term "wiki" meant but I had used Wikipedia before, not realizing that the site allows for more authors/users to edit the content. I did not realize that there were other sites that are wikis.
After learning about Wikis I can see the benefits that they can have in education. I think by incorporating lessons that require students to post onto wiki sites really allows for the students to post their opinions and see other students views as well. I think by using Wiki's in education it teaches the students to be collaborative in a group project and be held accountable by each student contributing to the wiki site.
I liked the examples in the article "I thought wikis were creatures in Star Wars" of physical education staff posting to a wiki site to collaborate on creating a policy manual. By having multiple people involved it allows for the content to always be reviewed and allows for each staff member to add their input.
I wikis being very beneficial and I am interested to see how far it goes as technology enhances.

6/2/2013 09:55:51 pm


I could not agree more about the collaborative aspect of wikis especially in the area of group projects. Much like the email example we saw online for wikis, emails just don't work the way we need them too at times. The use of wikis is really neat and I am also excited about the possibilities both professionally and personally.
Just a little friendly star wars chatter is there are creatures in those movies called wookies, thats what chewbackah is. Not that Im a huge star wars fan or anything like that, lol.

Stay good my man,

Travis Babin

11/27/2014 02:07:17 am

I thought wikis were creatures in Star Wars" of physical education staff posting to a wiki site to collaborate on creating a policy manual.

10/10/2016 03:24:29 pm

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