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I enjoyed Dexter Young PWP. His PWP seemed to represent him with
having such an in-depth basketball background. I was able to relate to many
things he had posted on his site, due to my extensive basketball career like
him. The website was catchy and I like how he described his life using four
quarters like a basketball game. It really shows that he put a lot of thought
into his PWP and really wanted his readers to know who “Dexter Young”is.  I kind of was looking for more information regarding his coaching philosophy. He seemed to have a lot of information on all his other tabs but this philosophy tab I feel was lacking some substance. I would have wanted to know more about the successes of his philosophy. Dexter’s website has a professional appeal. His PWP represents his personal and professional accomplishments in regards to basketball. I liked how he has actual stats in a visual file format posted on his site under
“Resume/Bio”tab that allows the reader to know his background and the type of
basketball player that he was and where he is at today.


  • Jordan Glessner
    5/14/2013 07:33:32 am

    I read your post and decided to take a look at Dexter Youngs PWP. As a coach I admire the information he included in his "Travel" Tab. I think he does a great job of inspiring people to follow their passions through his PWP. He allows people to see where this passion has taken him and the path he has created for himself. Players sometimes need to hear these things, to give them the motivation to follow their passions!


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