The greatest benefit I see to podcasting in education is the fact that it is something that is available to listen to at any time and at my leisure. With being a Head basketball coach I am always on-the-go, I do not always have time to read a text book or log on to the Net to read an article. The reason why I chose to do an online Master's program is because I like the flexibility in choosing when I will "log-on" to work on schoolwork. 

I can see podcasting becoming a favorite in comparison to in-class lectures. There are many college programs that are impacted where they can only allow as many students as there are seats.  Therefore, there are many students who may not get into the class due to that reason. However, podcasting can really open up greater opportunities for students because it is not limited. Besides, there are many people who are juggling multiple things. For me, I am juggling being a Husband, a Father, a Head basketball coach and a graduate student and podcasting would be convenient when I need to catch up on reading assignments or lectures while driving. 

We live in a society that we are constantly on the go and always looking to have
everything we need at our fingertips and this is a great example of that. I am
thankful for the advancement in technology where I am able to squeeze many
things into a 24-hour day.

5/26/2013 11:01:18 pm

I completely agree that podcasting is a great resource for people who are really busy such as yourself. I am also a coach and am very busy. I had heard of podcasting, but never really thought about using it as a tool for coaching. After learning more and understanding how easy it can be to set up a podcast I will be using it as a way to communicate with my players and their parents. I send and receive so many emails, that many are overlooked. I could set up a weekly podcast updating parents and players as to what is going on the upcoming week. I feel this can be a great tool to use in the future.

Thank you for your insight, and I look forward to reading more later.


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    Shannon Taylor
    Head Basketball coach at Kerman High School. Currently a graduate student at Fresno Pacific University for Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Education


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