Since I am not a "techy" kind of person. I was really confused when Professor Scott asked that we select a Personal Learning Network (PLN) to use as a resource. I am already out of my comfort level when it comes to Twitter and makes tweets let alone using a PLN. After reviewing a few options that were given to us, i decided to go with Pearltrees.
I really like how Pearltrees allows for me to organize all the the websites and topics that are of interest to me into one location. I am a type of person that like things organized and this just made surfing the web that much easier. I do not know about you, but it seems like it takes me forever to find the information I need online.
Once I created my Pearltree it is was very easy to navigate... I did not even have to ask my wife to show me...and that says alot!
I like how Pearltrees allows me to "follow" other people that have similar interest (or pearls) as me. I see this as a great way to network with other Pearltree users. Its great how you  can even link it to your Twitter and Facebook. I even created a link on my weebly site that links to my Pearltree.
Caleb Canterbury
5/13/2013 01:20:40 pm


I would like to start out by saying congratulation on the new coaching positions, that’s awesome. I enjoyed viewing your site but the area I would have to most agree on is the PLN. When I started reading this assignment my head started to spin. I have never heard of what this was let alone know how to use it. I decided to use Scoop It for my PLN, which sounds like it is very similar to Pearltrees. I feel that I am a lot like you and having to always be organized. I think these sites will take some time to understand but after we do I think they will be very helpfully. It was very nice reading your post and I look forward to reading future ones.

5/18/2013 01:34:12 pm


It is refreshing to hear someone else say that they are out of their comfort zone when it comes to all this social media stuff. This class will definitely serve people like you and I well, for I am sure that if not for this class I probably would have never gotten a twitter account or set up my own webpage. I have taken a look at your website and I am impressed by your organization and strait forward approach. For someone who claims not to be tech savy you have fooled me.

As far as setting up a PLN I am still not sure which one to go with or even what to expect from one of these sites. Just like you said I think it will just take some time tinkering with the site to get a feel on how they will work for you. I appreciate your honest approach and I look forward to reading more of your post.


Travis Babin


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