I have never been a big internet user other than just the normal things like checking emails, game scores or maybe catching up on a little news that I might have missed.  I normally leave all the other stuff to my wife, who is constantly keeping up with the news, celebrity gossip, latest trends in fashion, and cooking ideas.  Google and yahoo.com are
the main search engines that I use when I am looking for answers on whatever may
come to mind and hoopcoach.org are one of my favorite sites. Hoopcoach.org alerts me daily via email about various basketball drills and basketball news.  

I have never “followed” an author but I do have a Facebook account that allows me to keep in contact with people from my past and present. Now because of this class,
I have a Twitter account that I can “follow” several people and eventually have my basketball players “follow” me as well.

 The Internet has been extremely helpful for me thus far in starting this Master’s program at Fresno Pacific University.  I have learned to search for creditable websites and sources that have helped in writing college papers in regards to APA format.  I have been out of
school for many years and even when I was in college, the Internet is nothing like how it is was then.  The Internet is something new that I am still trying to learn so that I can navigate faster and get more comfortable with.  I can see how the Internet can become a distraction in learning because there are so many sites that anybody can create, that sometimes you can come across a page that may not be a creditable site or
source for good information. 

If it were not for technology and learning, I would not be in this online Master’s program. Who would have thought that you would be able to take technology and pair it with learning such as education, and be able to receive a graduate degree for an accredited college online.  Completing a master’s degree online allows for many people to still live their normal lives such as working full-time, raising a family and being able to “Log On” when they make time during the week to complete their course assignments.  I think that is the greatest accomplishment in technology thus far.  However, the downfall with technology and learning is that you lose that personal interaction with classmates and even the college experience because every interaction is now done via Web.

5/18/2013 07:05:05 am

Hi Shannon,

I can relate to your feelings about technology. I have a similar reticence to engage socially on the net. It's similar to being in a room that's packed with people, I wouldn't be the loudest in the room, and I'd probably just be listening. My fiancee is similar to your wife in that she is much more attuned to technological communities. I wish you luck in attaining a college coaching position.


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    Shannon Taylor
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