The article “Social Networking in Undergraduate Education,” by Nicole A. Buzzetto-More talks about the several benefits of using social networking and social media sites as a way to teach and engage students in school. Today’s students have grown up
with technology for most of their lives and are used to "staying connected;" I, on the other hand did not grown up with many of these technological advances. In my opinion, many of these new technology advancements can have positive and negative influence on today’s students.

    In my educational experience, we did not have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or even the Internet search engines to use as a tool for research. It was the good ole' fashion encyclopedias, dictionaries and class/library textbooks that we used for assignments. But I can say, that I always enjoyed when I walked into my classroom and my teacher had rolled the TV cart in the classroom. The TV cart meant that we were watching a movie or a video clip for learning and skipping the books. As I think about today’s youth, they have the Web at their constant fingertips by their mobile devices and computer tablets. They are constantly in "the know."

 Using Social media for education can be great. According to the Social Learning Theory,
social networking sites can fulfill social learning functions thorough collaboration and building students’ communication and technology skills and understanding different points of view (Buzzetto-More, 2012). Social media does allow for students to connect more with students in their class than the traditional way of learning, however, they are negatives to that. By using social media for education, I believe that its teaching students that is okay to not have to communicate normally; such as speaking face-to-face. However, I do agree with implementing it into different lessons and assignments because that is how it will keep the students engaged in learning because it is something that they use to as a form of communication anyway. It is important for teachers to stay up with the latest trends when it comes to engaging students and keep them interested in learning whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

Buzzetto-More, N. A. (2012). Social networking in undergraduate education.  Interdisciplinar Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management, 7, 63-90. Retrieved from

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