Since being in this class, it has really opened my eyes to
  several technologies. At first I was intimidated by the new advancements of technology but there are several ones that I would like to incorporate into my coaching profession that would be beneficial.

1. Facebook Fan page- I created a Facebook fan page for my basketball team at Kerman High. I thinks it’s important to have FANS in order to keep the excitement. I would like to use that to post updates to and various team outing events, game scores, tournament highlights and pictures. I would also like for the parents as well as the players and school students to "Like" the fan page so that they can always see what we have planned or the team success.
2. Twitter- I want to use my twitter in a similar way as the Facebook fan page, except these will be instant alerts to my followers. I will make sure that each of my players will "follow me" on twitter so that they can always have the most accurate and up to date
information that will come directly from my "tweets."
3. Flickr- I want to make sure that I have pictures in an additional location that I take with my personal camera. I like that I can I can access the photos at any time via web.

4. PWP- I think its important to create a web presence on the web that highlights me and gives me the opportunity to manage my online presence. By creating a PWP, it may allow for other networking opportunities that can get me to my ultimate goal of being a college head coach.

I am sure there will be other technologies that I would want to incorporate as we continue with this course but I look forward to what’s next.

Kyle Wise
5/23/2013 02:26:05 am

I chose to use the Facebook fan page for my Juco baseball team. I thought that it was a great way for people who are fans of our boys to stay up to date with them online. I also chose to do this because our season just ended and I thought that it would be cool for people who liked the page to see what four year colleges our sophomores would be attending and what post season awards our players earned.

I would have to say that Twitter and Instagram are going to play the biggest role in media aid in my career though. As a coach, I'm sure you can appreciate how convenient it is to tweet game times and locations on the go from your mobile device. I was able to chronicle our team's playoff run through tweets and photos on Instagram and keep our fans updated on how we were doing all from my phone.

I always said that I would never get a Twitter account or Instagram, but now that I have them both and have seen the exposure that they can bring to your team I am upset that it took me so long to jump on the bandwagon.

I enjoyed your insights on technology and look forward to your future posts.

Jordan Glessner
5/23/2013 08:39:42 am

I as well believe coaching is where I will be able to utilize the facebook fan page, twitter, and instagram. At the collegiate level there is more freedom with the exposure of the student-athletes, and I have found at the high school level there are more legal issues advising against this exposure. I do feel the fan page is a good way to keep parents and students posted on what is going on as well as show their support for the team.

5/24/2013 02:51:01 pm

I have enjoyed looking through your personal web page. I believe that we have similar thoughts when it comes to new internet based technologies. I was also pretty leery of posting and using information on the web. It seems silly now not to be more active in it.
We also have similar goals with respect to how to use Facebook and Twitter. These might be more reserved for coaching outlets. While a PWP might be a more professional presence on the web.
Nice presentation of yourself on the web. Look forward to reading more.

Kailey Allen
5/25/2013 04:08:21 pm

I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and opinions about the different technologies . I also mentioned how a Facebook fan page is utilized in my current career coaching volleyball. It has bee nice to be able to communicate with fans about what is going on in the program and it has also been a great way to get word out about our camps we will be conducting this summer.
Twitter was another source of media I also mentioned. I agree that twitter has the advantage of being an instant form of communication. It makes it easy to get word out to people about what is going on in your program for fans and players.
The advanced technology that can be used because of social media has been a huge advantage for this generation. The only downside I have seen is that students/kids have lost the personal communication skills. Kids today rely on the social media communication and some kids don't even know how to talk on the phone anymore. Yet, I feel social media and the advanced technology has been a vital tool.

5/26/2013 09:50:19 pm

I think it is great that you have found several ways you think you can incorporate the different technologies we have explored as a coach. I like the fact that you want to have the Facebook Fanpage so that you can reach out to audiences like parents for example. Often times parents go through their children to get information regarding the team or the school's website. The fanpage would definitely allow for you to provide a more intimate environment where parents could update themselves on future events and team success. It sounds to me like you have some great ideas. Like yourself, I felt pretty intimidated with a lot of this technology stuff from the beginning but have started to get more accustomed to it. I look forward to reading your future blogs.



Matt Souza
5/27/2013 12:12:44 am

I really enjoyed reading your post. It is clear that you are taking full advantage of these technological advances to help the publicity of Kerman Basketball and your career. I am a huge fan of the facebook fan page as well as a team twitter page as it gives you the ability to constantly update the public on how your team is doing. The more positive public support and the more your name constantly pops up in the community it can only help you in someday becoming a head college coach! Goodluck!


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