Now that I have created a LinkedIn profile, I am interested to learn about the benefits of having it. First off, I can tell that LinkedIn is focused on career professionals. I would consider LinkedIn more of a
"professional network" and Facebook as "social network."  LinkedIn allows recommendations to the user by providing profiles to "connect" with that have similar work experience. LinkedIn is not as entertaining as Facebook because there are not multiple status updates or a variety of pictures and videos being posted or tags by friends or acquaintances. The main difference I see is that LinkedIn provides a "true" picture of someone in regards to their professional work experience, where as Facebook profiles can be a facades of someone. What I do like about LinkedIn is that, it is not as easy to become distracted with various updates and pictures while searching through the site like Facebook. If you log on to LinkedIn it is for a specific reason (professional networking) where Facebook I am guilty of  logging on just to waste time or for a moment of entertainment.

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    Shannon Taylor
    Head Basketball coach at Kerman High School. Currently a graduate student at Fresno Pacific University for Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Education


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